penDYST (Tokenized veDYST)

  • Tokenized deposits, minted 1:1 for each DYST locked in the platform.

  • Stake to receive platform fees (DYST), bribes and trading fees, PEN, and penDYST rewards.

Penrose Token (PEN)

  • Lock to receive a share of platform fees as penDYST.

  • Lock PEN for vlPEN to vote for Dystopia emissions gauge weights.

  • PEN is minted pro-rata for each DYST token claimed on Penrose.

    • Any changes to Penrose's emissions will be controlled by holders of vlPEN.


  • Max Supply: Dynamic, based on the total DYST supply

  • 5-25%+ to partner penDYST stakers

    • There is a 5% minimum distribution to all penDYST stakers, but no upper limit. Please refer to our penDYST page for more info.

    • Partners also have a special floor for PEN emissions. Please refer to our partners page for more details.

  • 0-95% LPs

    • LPs receive the remainder of PEN emissions after PEN emissions are distributed to penDYST stakers. PEN is distributed proportionally to DYST earned.

  • 10-20% to Treasury

    • Must be voted in by vlPEN holders.

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